Egg Zackly: Private Eye 
















ItŐs film noir for the 21st Century in this detective serial starring Egg Zackly, a

 hard-boiled, grade ŇAÓ detective who always lands sunny side up. They say

thereŐs nothing new in Hollywood, but whenŐs the last time you saw a 7Ó egg in a

 fedora packing heat?


Sam Spade, Philip Marlowe, Race Williams, Mike Hammer – some of the greatest detectives of all time. True men who could look Death straight in the face and shoot him right between the eyes. They were the famous ones, the big guys. But what of the little guys – at least the ones smaller in size, but not courage or honor? What of Egg Zackly?


In this all new detective serial Egg Zackly plays a hard egg to crack, and most members of the steamy, Los Angeles underworld have tried. Sure heŐs small, blue and heŐs an egg, but heŐs still the best detective money can buy. And heŐs organic.



A grand idea with a new twist, EGG ZACKLY is a twelve-minute

mini-serial in the style of a 1950Ős detective show. The show is

firmly noir. Death, betrayal and oblique lighting are common-

place – itŐs not a show meant for the kiddies. Egg Zackly may be

 a puppet, but he operates in the real world with real people and

isnŐt afraid to dole out death or face it head on.  Inspired by his

hero, Clint Eastwood, Zackly (or ŇEggsÓ to his friends) shows the

world an egg can stand on its own two feet. Join him and his

friends as they swap lead with the bad guys, flirt with femme

fatales and take down crime lords sending them on the run and into jail.


Haunted by a lost love from long ago and the life-long paranoia that he is being shadowed by a tall, dark figure who tries to control him, Eggs often appears cold, hard and cruel. But inside heŐs as softhearted as the feathers on his face.

He doesnŐt have much to say, but his actions speak louder than words ever could. His past, shrouded in mystery, is something that he never talks about. The one piece of his past that he keeps with him is the original, priceless Maltese Falcon statue.


EGG ZACKLY: PRIVATE EYE is truly noir for todayŐs world. Its unique combination of world weary and

inhumanly cute plays on the extremes of modern society, while furthering a classic genre for all time.

And, of course, it is egg-zackly what people will want to see.



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All ideas and images copyright Robin Walsh -  2006